Hello - Cambridgeshire Alliance Independent Living


Welcome to Cambridgeshire Alliance for Independent Living. We are an organisation run by people with disabilities for people with disabilities, their families and their carers.


Our Vision
We believe that every person with a disability or long term health condition should be treated with respect and have equal rights and opportunities; they should be able to control and manage the support needed to live independent lives as full and valued members of the community.
We want to raise awareness and improve every one’s understanding about the crucial role carers play in supporting other people. Every carer should have access to support, information and advice so that they can manage the impact of caring upon their own lives.
Our website tells you all about our activities and services which aim to both promote Independent Living and make sure that the voices of people with disabilities and their carers in Cambridgeshire are listened to.



The Support Community  The Model Conversation

Office for Disability Issues - HM Government Big Lottery Fund - Lottery Funded We have recieved support from the: Cambridgeshire Communtiy Foundation Cambridge County Council Cambridge County Council Cambridge County Council